Amsterdam Museum is a meeting place for anyone who wants to learn more about the city and its rich history.

Amsterdam DNA 
The Amsterdam DNA presentation offers a captivating, one-hour overview of the history of Amsterdam through interactive images, sounds, movement and specially selected artefacts.

For the children 

The Little Orphanage is an attraction for children ages 4 to 12. This interactive presentation allows children and their parents to learn all about life in a 17th-century orphanage.

Special exhibitions 2016/17

10 March—31 July 2016
Made in Amsterdam – 100 years in 100 works of art 
Through 100 works of art, Made in Amsterdam showcases the most important artists, ideas and movements in the art world over the last century. The exhibition depicts the city as a laboratory and nursery of the arts as well as a transit hub for artists. Visitors are offered a rich and varied picture of a small, unconventional metropolis in which talent continues to develop and blossom.

16 September 2016—30 April 2017
100 years Schiphol
Amsterdam Schiphol is like a mini city that never sleeps. You can take off to faraway countries or arrive in the Netherlands, eat and drink, shop and work at any hour of the day and night. Who would have dared to dream of such a place 100 years ago? On 19 September 1916, for the very first time, a small aircraft landed in the farmland of the Haarlemmermeer, not far from Amsterdam and five metres below sea level. This exhibition, an experience for the whole family, allows you to travel back in time through the history of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol — and share your ideas about its future.