16 September 2016 – 7 May 2017

On 19 September 1916, for the first time ever, a small aircraft landed in the farmland of the Haarlemmermeer. The site, which lay not far from Amsterdam, was five metres below sea level and didn’t even have a runway; just four wooden sheds.

This exhibition traces a hundred years of Schiphol’s history – from muddy pasture to a high-tech airport – and also looks to its future. What lies ahead for Schiphol? Are there limits to its growth? How do you envision it?

Come along and play the air traffic control tower game to guide planes safely to the runway. Step into the shoes of a military police officer at a real passport control desk. Contribute your ideas for the airport’s future. Should Schiphol relocate to the North Sea? Fifty years from now, will we be travelling in self-flying planes?

There are so many interesting things to see in this exhibition, including an aeroplane engine from 1920 and a real Second World War bomb! From examples of exciting contraband discovered by the sniffer dogs, to stewardess uniforms through the years and design furniture from Schiphol from the 1960s.

What’s more, the exhibition is packed with interesting did-you-know facts. For example, did you know that there is an animal hotel at Schiphol? Or, as you’ll see in Izarin and Van der Linde’s spectacular time-lapse film on the big projector, that this airport never sleeps?

Come along and experience it for yourself, with a historical look behind the scenes at the Amsterdam Museum. 100 years of Schiphol – ready for take-off.