Auditdienst ACAM The ACAM Accountancy and Consulting Department checks the annual accounts of the City of Amsterdam and other municipal organisations.

Afval Energie Bedrijf (AEB) The Waste and Energy Company generates sustainable electricity and high-quality building materials from city waste.

Bureau Monumenten & Archeologie (BMA) The Bureau of Monuments and Archeology maintains, protects and manages Amsterdam’s cultural heritage.

Coördinatiestelsel Werken aan de weg The Roadworks Coordination System is a public-private partnership dedicated to organising work being carried out in public spaces in Amsterdam.

Dienst Basisinformatie (DBI) The Civil Registry collates, manages and releases up-to-date information drawn from the records held on the residents of Amsterdam.

Dienst Belastingen The Tax Department imposes and collects local taxes and immovable goods taxes on behalf of the City of Amsterdam, city districts and municipalities.

Dienst Handhaving en Toezicht The City Street Patrol keeps an eye on public spaces and ensures a pleasant living environment.

Dienst ICT The Department of Information and Communications Technology supplies and manages reliable ICT services for the City of Amsterdam.

Dienst Noord/Zuidlijn The Noord/Zuidlijn Department is responsible for overseeing the construction of Amsterdam’s latest metro line which will provide a high-speed link between the north and south of the city.

Dienst Onderwijs, Jeugd en Zorg The Social Development Department concerns itself with art and culture, education, youth services, sports, and naturalisation - essentially ensuring that all Amsterdammers participate in society wherever possible.

Dienst Onderzoek en Statistiek (O+S) The Department for Research and Statistics undertakes research on behalf of the City of Amsterdam. It also collects, registers and analyses data about Amsterdam and ensures that this data is accessible.

Dienst Verkeer en Openbare Ruimte The Department of Infrastructure, Traffic and Transportation ensures that Amsterdam residents and visitors to the city are able to efficiently and safely move around an accessible, attractive city.

Dienst Werk en Inkomen The Department for Work and Income helps residents of Amsterdam enter the labour market and actively participate in society wherever possible so that they can become financially independent and socially secure.

Dienst Wonen, Zorg en Samenleven The Housing and Social Support Department aims to ensure that all Amsterdammers have access to accommodation and that they are able to participate in society for as long as possible.

Dienst Zuidas The Zuidas is Amsterdam’s new international knowledge and business centre.

Economische Zaken (EZ) The Economic Affairs Department is responsible for creating a strong, innovative and balanced economy in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area featuring a favourable internationally-competitive business climate.

Facilitair Bureau The Service and Facility Management Department has two roles: maintaining and improving the quality of information offered to citizens, and managing municipal facilities, such as the City Hall (Stadhuis) and Muziektheater complex as well as the the city district offices, among other properties. This department maintains the Digitaal Loket and the 14 020 information service.

Geneeskundige en Gezondheidsdienst (GGD) The Public Health Service of Amsterdam is responsible for safeguarding and improving public health in the region.

Haven Amsterdam The Port of Amsterdam is responsible for overseeing the sustainable development of the Amsterdam sea ports.

Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam The Amsterdam Engineering Bureau provides technical expertise for (major) projects in Amsterdam, from the planning stages right through to implementation.

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