Public Order, Safety and Security

Tackles security risks and public nuisance. As well as fighting crime, preventing disasters and dealing with emergencies, this includes making sure that nobody feels unsafe in the city.

To improve public safety and security, the city districts, community organisations, businesses and residents are encouraged to assume their own responsibility.

Integrated Security Policy

Coordinates security policy across the College of Mayor and Aldermen, encouraging members to pursue it actively within their own areas of responsibility. Harmonises all responses to security threats.

General Affairs

Register Amsterdam, the City Archive, the City Ombudsman, project services and other general matters.

Administrative System

The system of city boroughs, regional co-operation, collaboration between the four main Dutch cities, referendums and so on.


Amongst other things, this covers the following departments:

  • Press Office: Publicising city policy through such media as newsletters, press releases, press conferences and interviews.

  • Media: Public information systems, the website www.amsterdam.nl, the intranet, the free newspaper Amsterdam.nl, teletext and internal publications.

  • External Relations: City marketing and the organisation or supervision of state visits, official receptions, conferences, events and so on.

  • Public Information: Managing information for the public about large-scale events and projects, such as Queen’s Day, the Amsterdam Marathon, major road closures and so on.

Legal Affairs

Advises city officials and municipal departments, services, corporations and enterprises on legal matters. Deals with objections and appeals. Represents the local authority in legal proceedings.

Specialisations: privatisation, administrative law, private law, privacy policy, criminal law, European tenders and city projects.

International Relations

International policy focusing upon developing countries. For example, contact with the original homelands of large groups of Amsterdam residents, including Suriname, Turkey and Morocco. Also, relations with the members of the European Union in Central and Eastern Europe.