The economist Udo Kock gained his doctorate at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Tinbergen Institute Graduate School of Economics. In 2001 he joined the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington DC. Kock worked there as (senior) economist, including working on economic recovery programmes for Iraq and Pakistan.

At the IMF, he also worked on other economic development programmes including Laos, Sri Lanka, Jordan and Uzbekistan. He also analysed financial and economic development in emerging economies. In recent years he has been Permanent Representative of the IMF for Palestinian Territories in East Jerusalem. Udo Kock has written more than a hundred articles in (scientific) journals and newspapers about diverse subjects, including unemployment, the employment market, social security, the housing market, higher education, foreign policy and politics. 

He was dual city councillor for D66, secretary of the party's Amsterdam department and a member of the Board for the Economic Research Office. In June 2014, he was appointed as alderperson for Finance, Decentralisations, Water Management and the District of West.

Udo Kock is married and has three children.

Personal details

Dr. Udo Kock
Born 3 January 1970 in Amsterdam


  • Economics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (PhD)


  •     2014 - present: Alderperson for Finance, Decentralisations, Water Management and the District of West
  •     2010 - 2014: Permanent Representative at IMF for the Palestine Territories in East Jerusalem  
  •     2008 - 2010: Senior Economist at IMF for Pakistan (Washington DC)
  •     2006 - 2008: Economist at IMF for Iraq (Washington DC)
  •     2001 - 2006: Economist Surveillance Division IMF (Washington DC)
  •     2001: University lecturer of Public Finance at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  •     2000: Consultant at World Bank (Washington DC)


  •     2000 - 2001: Advisor for national election programme D66
  •     1998 - 2001: Member of the Board for Economic Research Office D66
  •     1998 - 2000: Dual City Councillor for Amsterdam
  •     1996 - 2000: Committee Secretary for the D66 (department of Amsterdam)

Other positions

  •     2014 - present: Member of Board of the Waternet Association (ex officio)


To contact Alderperson Udo Kock, complete the contact form or call the general number on 020-552 2208.