Arjan Vliegenthart is alderperson for the portfolios of Work, Income and Participation and the District of Nieuw-West. He was a member of the Senate for the SP (Dutch Socialist Party) from 2007 and spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, Defence, Development Cooperation and Internal Affairs. Vliegenthart was also a member of the national party management and director of the Research Office of the SP. During his post at the Office, in particular he researched the social-economic reform agenda and international development. 

The preacher’s son was employed as a lecturer at the University of Amsterdam and the University of Groningen. In 2009 he obtained his doctorate at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam with a study entitled 'Transnational Forces and Corporate Governance Regulation in Postsocialist Europe'. Vliegenthart was a columnist at the Staatscourant (now SC) and wrote in particular about European integration, national legislation and the parliamentary system. He has also written two books about his work for the Senate and about the European crisis. 

Arjan Vliegenthart lives with his wife and three children in the Bos en Lommer neighbourhood in Amsterdam.

Personal details

Mr. Arjan Vliegenthart
Born on 10 December 1978 in Heerhugowaard


  •     Political Science, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (PhD)
  •     History, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (not completed)


  •     2012 - 2014: Political Science lecturer at the University of Amsterdam
  •     2011 - 2011: International Relations lecturer at the University of Groningen
  •     2010 - 2010: Programme leader at the Nicis Institute
  •     2006 - 2007: Head Editor at Spanning, SP Research Office


  •     2014 - present: Alderperson for Work, Income and Participation and the District of Nieuw-West
  •     2012 - present: Member of the SP national party management
  •     2010 - 2014: Director of SP Research Office
  •     2007 - 2014: Member of SP Senate party
  •     2006 - 2010: Member of SP management department Amsterdam

Other activities

  •     2006 - 2014: Columnist at SC (formerly Staatscourant)
  •     2005 - 2014: Chair of political working group Church and Peace (Kerk & Vrede)


To contact Alderperson Arjan Vliegenthart, complete the contact form or call the general number on 020-552 2208.