The information below relates to the local elections which took place in Amsterdam in 2014. This will be updated for the elections taking place in March 2018 soon. 

  • Published in Dutch, is the official source of all local election information for the City of Amsterdam. It includes an overview of the candidate lists, voting locations, forms and all other relevant information.
  • Dutch News: This English-language news site is covering the local elections taking place throughout the Netherlands. As well as information about elections, cities and main political parties, Dutch News provides English-language coverage of political debates and news.
  • StemWijzer Amsterdam: Independent voting advice (in Dutch).
  • Kieskompas: If you are unsure which political representative or party to vote for, Kieskompas offers unbiased advice, in English. Complete the survey on the website and it will highlight the options which are best suited to you.
  • Online eligibility test: A simple online test to check if you are eligible to vote in the upcoming Amsterdam Local Elections.

Your voting pass = special offers!

Not only is your personal voting pass essential to vote in the local elections, by carrying it with you this week you can enjoy a wide variety of special offers and discounts. For example, showing your voting pass can get you discounted film screenings and performances, free coffee, free entrance to exhibitions, cheap haircuts, a free glass of beer and much more. Download the complete list of participating locations (in Dutch) including the dates and details of each offer.