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Amsterdam Local Elections

On 21 March 2018, people living in Amsterdam will have the opportunity to vote for a new City Council. The members of the City Council will select the city’s Alderpersons who, together with the Mayor, form the College. The College of Mayor and Alderpersons governs the city and is accountable to the City Council.

City Council elections

All registered residents of Amsterdam aged 18 and above who are nationals of European Union (EU) countries are allowed to vote in the City Council elections. In addition, registered residents who are nationals of countries outside of the EU may now vote if they have legally resided in the Netherlands for a consecutive period of at least five years.*

District Committee elections

The elections that will take place on 21 March 2018 are not only for the City Council; residents of Amsterdam were also able to vote for committee members for their city districts. An extension of the College and the Council, each District Committee will select an executive board consisting of three members. In addition to Amsterdam residents who are EU nationals, residents who are nationals of non-EU countries are also allowed to vote if they have legally resided in the Netherlands for a consecutive period of at least three years.*

The College and Council determine which tasks they transfer to the District Committees. The City District Offices retain their function as a port of call for citizens and companies in the city, dealing with a range of matters including issuing passports and granting permits.

* In this instance, legal residence is defined as being registered in the Municipal Personal Records Database (Basisregistratie Personen, BRP) and holding a valid residence permit throughout the stated period.