The city council’s European ambitions

Around 120 international companies establish new offices in Amsterdam every year, making us one of the frontrunners in Europe. Knowledge migrants and tourists also know that Amsterdam has plenty to offer them. But this does not mean that we rest on our laurels.

The city council is dedicated to setting the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area more prominently on the European stage. We believe in Europe and the added value of European knowledge sharing: between countries, regions and cities. The great challenges we now face, such as the economy, employment, environment, sustainability and energy, are similar across borders and can only be solved by working together. Read more about Amsterdam's ambitions in Europe.

The policy framework

Europe emphasises research, innovation, employment and the green economy, which fit perfectly with the structure of Amsterdam's economy and society. Amsterdam’s ambition to become a smart global hub is based on four pillars:

  • Amsterdam's position as a business hub
  • Knowledge development and innovation
  • Sustainable urban development
  • Active citizenship and participation

More information:

  • Flagship projects: European projects in which Amsterdam is involved
  • Networks: An overview of the most important networks
  • Subsidies: Factors including financial support, publicity, knowledge acquisition and sharing expertise are all essential in order to be able to participate in European projects
  • Amsterdam in Brussels: A representative in Brussels to track and indicate developments significant for Amsterdam

Who to contact

Please check our contact page for a full listing of people to contact if you have questions about Amsterdam in Europe.