Facts and figures

Did you know that there are more bikes than people in Amsterdam? And that 180 different nationalities live in the city? We've compiled lots of data about the Amsterdam Area to help you share information about the city and region.

In the following publications you will find a wealth of information and data about the Amsterdam Area. ‘Visitor Insight’ provides information about the number of hotel stays, incoming international passengers at Schiphol and the number of visitors to Amsterdam’s most popular museums and attractions. In ‘Research reports’ you will discover extensive information about data relating to tourism, meetings and recreation.

Research reports

amsterdam&partners publishes in-depth reports covering the current state of tourism and industry in Amsterdam, which can be downloaded for free. M...

Tools and resources

We think exchanging information, insight and research is a powerful way to improve the city, so here we’ve gathered links to useful statistics, ...

Figures and infographics