During the Instawalk, participants take photos to post on their account or to use in their stories on Instagram. This works as an attractive form of promotion for the participating venues and organisations, and for the city of Amsterdam.

Not all organisations have a team of web editors or social media experts to help them reach an online audience quickly. We can help you with this by organising an InstaMeet at your address. By hosting these influencers, you can generate extensive and organic promotion opportunities for your business. And it doesn’t require much effort or investment on your part. What’s more all content can be monitored and measured by means of a unique hashtag.

InstaMeets are a win-win

Our InstaMeets create a win-win situation for all parties involved. The participants enjoy a special day at a unique location and can do what they love to do: taking pictures. For you, it’s a great opportunity to let your organisation shine for a large audience, while at the same time collecting user-generated content.

For quotations and further information

We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you. For quotations and more information, please contact our Press & media office.