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Facts and Figures

Did you know that there are more bikes than people in Amsterdam? And that 180 different nationalities live in the city? We've compiled lots of data about the Amsterdam Area to help you share information about the city and region.

In the following publications you can find a wealth of data about the Amsterdam Area. For instance, in ‘Facts & figures’ you will find the most recent data about residents, hotels and the canals. The ‘Visitor Insight’ provides information about the number of hotel stays, incoming international passengers at Schiphol and the number of visitors in Amsterdam’s most important museums and attractions. In ‘Reports and Publications’ you can discover extensive information about data relating to tourism, meetings and recreation.

Facts & figures

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the latest estimates conclude that there are more bikes in Amsterdam than permanent residents! Have a look at the list below f...

Visitor Insight

Visitor Insight is a user-friendly method in which to obtain a picture of the immediate tourism situation in the city. It is based on the following in...

Reports and publications

Amsterdam Marketing has invested in acquiring tourism-related knowledge for many years. Our goal is to make the extensive tourism and other research d...