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Amsterdam Marketing can provide you with relevant, topical and up-to-date press information relating to the Amsterdam Area.

To assist journalists and bloggers with any news items about Amsterdam, you can find an extensive image gallery, information about filming, the latest press releases and other information about Amsterdam's attractions and activities. Up-to-date facts and statistics are supplied for your convenience, along with itinerary suggestions for press visits. 

Images and filming

Amsterdam Marketing has compiled a collection of images of this very photogenic city for press articles. Find out more about filming in Amsterdam and ...

Download a press kit

Amsterdam Marketing can provide you with a comprehensive press kit packed with information about activities, attractions and developments in the Amste...

Facts and Figures

Did you know that there are more bikes than people in Amsterdam? And that 180 different nationalities live in the city? We've compiled lots of data a...

Press features

For inspiration, information and support, Amsterdam Marketing produces press features that cover a wide variety of topics, activities and attractions ...

Itineraries to inspire you

Are you writing a news article or report about the Amsterdam Area? Amsterdam Marketing would like to inspire you and help you prepare your story.

Press Finder

Amsterdam is a small city with an incredible offer of hotels, restaurants, museums and other sights. To narrow down the activities and help you planni...