During this mission the Port of Amsterdam held a seminar on port logistics. At the end of the seminar the Port of Amsterdam’s President and CEO, Dertje Meijer, and Samsara provided their signatures.This step means Samsara has been appointed agent to promote the the Port of Amsterdam in India. It also means that at the marketing and sales level, Samsara will actively represent the port.

Trade delegation

A trade delegation on behalf of the Amsterdam region, and under the leadership of the capital’s Mayor Van der Laan, will be visiting India from 25 to 31 March. The purpose of this visit is to intensify existing economic relations and ensure new Indian businesses develop an interest in Amsterdam.


Given the developments taking place across the world, and the emerging economies in India among other countries, the Amsterdam port is seeking to work more closely with Indian representatives. The economy in this part of the world is expected to increase by 9 to 10% annually. A substantial part of this growth will follow from import and export activities.

Cargo flows

The Port of Amsterdam is willing and able to play a key role in the cargo flows heading towards and coming from this continent, particularly when containers, cars and project cargoes are involved. India’s interesting cargo flows include oil, chemistry, agricultural bulk, mixed cargo and containers. Ships dedicated to these trades are perfect for Amsterdam.


The Samsara Group is an international prominent player and part of the Sharaf Group. The latter is a major multi-industrial conglomerate from Dubai and winner of the International Shipping Agent Award 2010. Samsara is an all-round logistics group that is actively involved in inter alia liner agencies, automobile logistics, chartering, inland container terminal operations and heavy cargo transport. Also, the Samsara Group is shipping 1.2 million TEU annually using its own trains to reach customers across this large continent. Joining hands with Samsara will allow the Amsterdam port to use India’s major network. Samsara’s representatives will be visiting the Amsterdam port in the near future.

Smart port

The Port of Amsterdam is the fourth port in Europe with sustainable growth being its key ambition. Growth ensuring jobs and incomes whereby the port uses the available space efficiently. Growth without damaging the quality of the water, soil and air. Growth as a result of which the people of Amsterdam will appreciate the port region even more. These are the Port’s ambitions based on intensive cooperation with partners in the business community, city and region.

City of Amsterdam Press Office, 30 March 2012