Press release, 23 June 2011

Regional awards

This City Star is part of the Regio (Regional) Awards, awarded annually in Brussels. All 27 European member states submit projects and prizes are awarded to the most striking projects that serve as shining examples to other regions. Amsterdam Smart City is the first Dutch project to win a Regio Star Award.

Accepting the award in Brussels, Amsterdam Alderperson for Economic Affairs Carolien Gehrels said: “In order to move forward, it is vital to work together with Amsterdammers to develop solutions in the field of energy transition. As a city, we are proud of Amsterdam Smart City and the inspirational role it plays in developing solutions. Cooperation between public and private parties is also essential, just as knowledge institutions, the business world and the government bundle their strengths in the Economic Development Board.

Amsterdam Smart City

Amsterdam Smart City is a cooperative project involving Amsterdammers, companies, knowledge institutions and governments. The aim of the project is to find methods to make more efficient use of energy and to test new technology in Amsterdam. An initiative of the Amsterdam Innovation Motor and network company Liander, the Amsterdam Smart City platform was set up in 2009 and is run in close cooperation with the City of Amsterdam.

Sixteen groundbreaking projects have been launched since the project began, in collaboration with more than 70 partners in the fields of employment, housing, mobility and public spaces. The collected results and experiences form the basis of future large-scale projects in order to help accelerate the progress of climate and energy programmes.

The ultimate aim of these projects is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in line with the targets at European, national and city levels. For Amsterdam, this amounts to a 40% reduction in carbon dioxide levels compared to 1990.

For more information, visit the Amsterdam Smart City website.