Following the trends

For the 2009 survey, which is compiled by the Housing Department of the City of Amsterdam, 18,000 Amsterdammers were asked about the homes they live in, whether they are planning to move, and how they rate their immediate surroundings. The survey gives a picture of the housing market in Amsterdam as well as trends in household income. The 2009 figures fit the long-term patterns.

Main findings

  • The number of rental units is declining, from 41.50% in 2007 to 37.4% in 2009.

  • The number of owner occupied units is growing, from 27% in 2007 tot 28.8% in 2009.

  • The low-income segment is declining, from 33.2% to 2007 to 1.5% in 2009.

  • The high-income segment is growing, from 18% in 2007 to 21% in 2009.

Impact of crisis

It is expected that the current economic downturn will cause a decline in household incomes, although it probably won't be enough to offset the rise in incomes since the previous survey in April 2007. In terms of prosperity, the downturn is therefore barely noticeable in the statistics, with the sole exception being the number of respondents with plans to move, which fell from 25.5% in 2007 to 21.5% in 2009.

Neighbourhood satisfaction

It appears that the residents of Amsterdam are generally content where they live; they give their neighbourhoods an average rating of 7.3. This is an improvement over 7.2 in 2007. The only neighbourhood which fails to make the grade is De Kolenkit, (Bos en Lommer district), which comes in at 6.1.

International allure

The 2009 survey notes that Amsterdam scores well internationally in terms of liveability for expats, citing Mercer Human Resource Consulting annual “quality of living” index for 215 cities. In 2009, Amsterdam scored a respectable 13, as it did in 2007, putting it well ahead of cities such as Hamburg (28), Paris (33), London (38) or Barcelona (42).

Find out more

Two fact sheets summarising the initial findings of the 2009 survey as well as the results of earlier surveys can be downloaded from the Housing Department: Wonen in Amsterdam 2009: Eerste resultaten

Mercer Human Resource Consulting annual “quality of living” index can be found here:Mercer's 2009 Quality of Living survey highlights