The exercise will be visible and audible in various parts of the city, including the exercise site at restaurant Haddock, on Zeeburgereiland, and the new Europaplein metro station (not yet in use). The exercise involves role-players and the use of training ammunition. Drills will also be performed at Amsterdam City Hall (Amstel 1) and the police headquarters (Elandsgracht 117).

The threat level in the Netherlands has been ‘substantial’ since 2013. This means that the chance of a terrorist attack is real. There are no concrete indications at present of an impending attack on Amsterdam, but the municipal authorities and emergency services have been preparing for such an eventuality for some time already.

Since the threat level was raised, several visible and invisible measures have been taken in Amsterdam. These include the visible measures around Jewish institutions, additional commitment to intelligence, the relocation of the Special Intervention Service (DSI) to Amsterdam, and the continued strengthening of anti-jihadist measures. In the last few years, at various levels, the relevant parties in Amsterdam, the emergency services and state organisations have practiced in preparation for a terrorist attack. A counterterrorism exercise in public is an obvious next step, also in collaboration with the Special Intervention Service (DSI) and Ministry of Defence.

Residents, businesses and organisations in the vicinity of the exercise sites will be notified by the City. More information about the exercise is available at