The campaign includes a website, posters displayed in popular tourist locations and a short video, which is being distributed on Facebook. The City of Amsterdam created the campaign in collaboration with the Amsterdam Police, Jellinek and Amsterdam Marketing. Since its launch, the campaign has reached 200,000 people via social media, and more than 2,000 posters have been distributed throughout the city.

The campaign is set to continue, in a targeted effort to reach as many tourists as possible throughout the busy summer months. With its charming canal belt, varied nightlife and open and friendly residents, Amsterdam is a popular city break destination – particularly amongst younger people. Amsterdam is a fun, free-spirited, laid-back city but, as in any other city, it's important to be street smart. Street dealers are a persistent problem in central Amsterdam. They are a nuisance to residents and frequently intimidate and threaten tourists. They are often friendly to begin with, but quickly turn the subject to drugs. They usually do not sell what they claim – pills may actually be for birth control, for example.

Tourists who refuse to purchase drugs are often intimidated, or the dealers try to trick them out of their money. Tourists who are aware of the danger can avoid such situations by ignoring the street dealers. It is also important for tourists to remember that in Amsterdam, they can always turn to the police or emergency services for assistance, including if they have been robbed after interacting with a street dealer.

The City of Amsterdam is taking various measures to combat cases of nuisance and intimidation, including more efficient tracing and prosecution, and taking a firmer line with the dealers. The action plan, including all of the measures, is available here (in Dutch).

The campaign is just one of these measures. The short video informs tourists that they should ignore street dealers, always report threats or robbery to the police, and call 112 in an emergency. 

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