Amsterdam: dedicated to green taxis

An estimated 85% of taxi journeys departing from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol are destined for Amsterdam, which equates to in excess of 1,600 taxis arriving in the city from the airport every day. By introducing the electric taxi services, the airport and taxi organisations are making a significant contribution to improving air quality in Amsterdam and raising awareness of electric transport (especially within the taxi industry).

The average Amsterdam taxi operating on diesel fuel produces a similar amount of emissions as 35 private cars. Introducing electric cars that do not discharge pollutants considerably helps to improve air quality. The new contract will allow the BIOS-groep and BBF SchipholTaxi to demonstrate that large-scale usage of electric taxis is a viable option for taxi companies. The City of Amsterdam is hopeful that more taxi organisations will realise this and opt to use electric vehicles in the future. In order to stimulate this process and provide companies with adequate guidance, city authorities have entered into discussions with the taxi industry regarding the introduction of more environmentally-friendly vehicles.