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Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to Amsterdam. And welcome to the Beurs van Berlage. Home to of one the first stock exchanges in the world. And, the place where Prince Willem-Alexander and Máxima were married in 2002. Only a few steps away from Dam Square, we could not find a more suitable location to host the national and international press the next days.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Tuesday promises to be a wonderful and special day. Throughout the months of preparations that lay behind us, we have worked with four values. We want the royal inauguration to be festive, open, undisturbed and safe.

Festive speaks for itself. Open, is also a given for Amsterdam. Over the centuries, people from all over the world have been welcomed here. This day will be no different. 

Amsterdam believes that all views and opinions have the right to be heard. There will be six locations in the city where demonstrations can take place.

We will do everything possible to ensure that all people can enjoy their day, in an undisturbed and safe way.

Security and celebrations do not have to be at odds with each other. On the contrary. Sometimes we improve safety by organising more festivities. We’d like to think it is a typical “Amsterdam” approach: turning a problem into a positive. Four hundred years ago water was our biggest threat. So we built our canals. Water stopped being our enemy and became our best friend. The new canals not only protected our city against floods. They also became our main transport routes, helping to create growth. Today, four centuries later, these canals are an international icon. A world heritage site, attracting millions of visitors each year.

Of course, organising more festivities can not solve every problem. The recent events in Boston have once again reminded the world that terrible things can happen. At the moment, there is no reason to take additional safety precautions. The National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism is closely monitoring all developments. We are fully aware that it is impossible to completely eliminate all risks. But we are working to manage them as best we can. Our joint preparations are focused on doing just that.

Everyone here understands that good preparation is key to the success of the coming event. The cooperation between all our partners has been excellent. I’m impressed by the experience and the endless efforts of all of these professionals and I thank them.

A great deal of hard work was required. But never too much. After all, it is a great honour and a great responsibility to host the royal ceremonies in Amsterdam. The capital of the Netherlands is often referred to as the Republic of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam never stopped being a little rebellious. On April 30th, however, the cause of our rebellion will be orange. Our instruments of persuasion: orange hearts, painted faces, and of course a nice glass of cold beer.

As you may have seen, the city is decorated. The Dam Square is gleaming. And with each passing minute, the people on the street show a bigger smile.

That’s why I am confident in telling you: the new King is ready, the Dutch are ready, Amsterdam is ready.

We bid farewell to our Queen and welcome a new King. With this in mind, there is even more cause to make this exciting day into a great success.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would now like to invite the Prime Minister of the Netherlands to take the floor. But not before I take this opportunity to thank Prime Minister Rutte, the president of the senate mr De Graaf and Marco Hennis, the Grandmaster of the Royal Household for the outstanding cooperation and support they have provided in recent months.

Thank you.