Following consultations with the organisers of demonstrations, it has been decided which location is best suited for each. Crucially, this procedure has factored in the expected number of participants of each demonstration.

Three of the six sites are located in the centre of Amsterdam: Waterlooplein, the Spui and Frederiksplein. Another site is also very close to the centre, at the Frederik Hendrikplantsoen. Two further sites have been identified in close proximity to the Royal Boat Parade: Azartplein (on Java Eiland) and IJ-plein (in Noord).

Mayor Van der Laan has previously stated that the starting points of all activities on 30 April should be inclusiveness and a festive atmosphere, but that it is also important to host a safe and undisturbed day. As such, the city is also creating space for those people who either wish to demonstrate or to hear or present opposing arguments. With the designation of these six locations, the authorities believe that there is ample capacity for this. 

You do not require a permit to demonstrate in Amsterdam. However, there is a requirement to notify city officials about any demonstration at least 24 hours before it begins. The Mayor may demand specifications conditions are met for any demonstration, for example, its time and location.