The total number of visitors in Amsterdam was comparable to last year. Estimates suggest that there were between 700,000 and 800,000 people present in the city to celebrate the last ever Queen’s Day, the abdication and inauguration, and the events surrounding the royal celebrations. This year, visitors were more dispersed around the city, as well as throughout the duration of the day. 

Efforts of emergency services

The good atmosphere throughout the city was in great part due to the efforts of the police and emergency services. By 22:00, 84 arrests had been reported, mostly for minor infringements. That is 42% lower than the same time last year, at which point 145 arrests had been recorded by 22:00. The number of reported incidents at first-aid posts and the number of ambulance journeys also painted a peaceful picture of events in the city. By 22:00, the number of ambulance journeys was 147. In 2012, there had been 217 reported by 22:00. This is a drop of 32%. From the perspective of the emergency services, until now, everything has gone well.

Public transport

Dutch Railways (NS) has announced that it transported approximately 240,000 people by train into Amsterdam. Around 150,000 have since departed.