The attacks of Friday evening affect everyone and we are aware that a similar attack could also happen here. On Saturday, Amsterdam's cooperating parties therefore discussed whether the attacks also have consequences for this city.

At present, this is not the case. The level of threat in the Netherlands has already been substantial for some time. In Amsterdam, both visible and covert measures are already in place. As to the nature of these measures, the cooperating parties do not wish to comment. In response to the recent attacks, the police have raised their level of alertness, but in Amsterdam the outlook remains calm. This also applies to the emergency accommodation centres for asylum seekers, which currently house around 1,500 people.

As such, these cooperating parties call on the people of Amsterdam not to allow the attacks in Paris to change our lives, and so to continue visiting cafés, concerts or football matches as usual. Mayor Van der Laan: ‘If we allow fear to get the upper hand, the terrorists will win. Because that is their aim: to make us change our lives out of fear, and to create discord. It is understandable that such indiscriminate attacks should scare us. But courage is not the absence of fear; courage is the ability to conquer fear. If we refuse to allow ourselves to be driven apart, and we defend our values of freedom and openness together, the terrorists can never win.’

Amsterdam’s Sinterklaas parade went ahead without significant incident. Due to poor weather the event was quieter than in previous years, but nevertheless thousands of adults and children turned out to see the traditional welcome parade in the run-up to the Sinterklaas festivities.

On Monday at 12:00, cities all over Europe will hold a minute’s silence for the victims of the Paris attacks. In Amsterdam and the surrounding region we will also be expressing our sympathy. Trams, buses and metros will stop running at the appointed time.

This evening the Royal Palace will be lit in the red, white and blue of the French flag. Last night the EYE Film Museum, the Paradiso concert venue and the Holland Casino were also lit in the colours of the French tricolour as a token of sympathy and solidarity with Paris.