Partnership Programme

The IN Amsterdam Partnership Programme was created to connect internationals in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area with service providers operating in the international market. The programme offers assistance to internationals by connecting them with relevant service providers; particularly useful for an international’s arrival and first three months in the Netherlands.

The IN Amsterdam Partnership Programme works in cooperation with relevant private parties in the international market. Sectors include banking, driving, childcare, employment, insurance, tax and financial advisers, education (higher education & international schools), language courses, legal services, media, relocation agencies and utilities. The programme allows IN Amsterdam to refer internationals to a reliable network of international-focused service providers.

A full list of IN Amsterdam partners can be found here.

The upcoming Partnership Programme membership runs from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020.

Programme details

Once accepted as a member of the Partnership Programme, companies will benefit from the exposure and advertising opportunities that are a part of the basic membership package. Partners will also have the possibility of selecting additional marketing services and tools to reach the international market.

Please note: a membership fee is charged for the partnership term, in order to cover all operating costs.

Membership in 2020

Full-year membership: 1 January to 31 December 2020 costs €1,100 (€1,331 incl VAT).

There is no membership fee for non-profit organisations.

Membership benefits

  • Company name, logo, website/URL featured in the IN Amsterdam booklet My First Month, which is distributed to all internationals visiting the IN Amsterdam office (1,400 internationals per month)
  • Profile page on the I amsterdam IN Amsterdam website
  • The right to refer to yourself as ‘partner of IN Amsterdam 2019’ in company marketing and communications (IN Amsterdam partner logo will be provided)
  • Exclusive opportunity to have marketing materials/flyers displayed in the IN Amsterdam information carousel
  • Opportunity to place an article on the topic of your field of expertise on the I amsterdam Living website
  • Opportunity to participate in a ‘mini-event’ for internationals at the WTC, alongside other relevant partners from your sector if applicable (not applicable for non-profit/media partners)
  • Opportunity to place a gadget/voucher in the IN Amsterdam Welcome Bag, distributed to all internationals visiting the IN Amsterdam office (1,300 internationals per month)
  • Invitation to the annual IN Amsterdam Partnership event

Additional marketing opportunities

  • Partners can also choose the online package. This option includes displaying web banners on the I amsterdam Living website. As partner of IN Amsterdam you will receive a discount price with amsterdam&partners.
  • Opportunity to place an advertorial (maximum 150 words) in the IN Amsterdam newsletters, targeted at internationals or our corporate network. The fee for this is €300 (excl VAT) per advertorial.

Programme criteria

To join the IN Amsterdam Partnership Programme companies will need to meet the below criteria for participation. It is our intention to select 10 companies to be our preferred partners in each sector. Partner companies therefore must:

  • have all relevant company information available in English (including website, flyers, forms, service etc)
  • have a minimum of one year’s experience in the international market
  • agree to cooperate with our client-monitoring project; we will request feedback from internationals on your services (information will not be made public)
  • have a standard company procedure for handling customer/client complaints
  • have recent verifiable references from a minimum of two international clients and two international companies
  • be a member of the relevant sector’s professional association (where applicable)
  • have an office in the Netherlands.

Apart from the above criteria, companies must agree to the membership terms and conditions, which will be provided to all applicants.


In order to apply you must meet the above minimum criteria and submit an online application. For further questions please contact:

IN Amsterdam Partnership Programme
020 254 7999
[email protected]