Learn Dutch with Taalthuis

Founded in 2006, Taalthuis is a well-known language institute that has lesson locations in seven different cities in the Netherlands, making it possible for expats, au pairs and international students to learn Dutch wherever they live. In Amsterdam they are located at the beautiful Van Baerlestraat.

Taalthuis uses its own course materials at the Beginner and Intermediate levels. During the courses you will explore all kinds of interesting subjects and current topics. A normal lesson lasts 2 hours and 15 minutes. On top of that, you need to spend about five hours weekly on homework. For the Advanced courses, the lessons are 2.5 hours and more home study is required. E-learning is another important tool that helps you with vocabulary, pronunciation and provides you with challenging exercises.

Additional course information

For the Beginners courses it is obligatory to have a basic knowledge of the English language.

The Introduction course for au pairs makes it possible for au pairs to meet each other and share experiences.

The Beginner basic course (A0>A1) teaches you the very basics of the Dutch language. The Beginner plus course (A0>A2) is especially developed for German and South African students, or students who already have some knowledge of the Dutch language. This course has a higher level than the Beginner basic course. Students who are not from Germany or South Africa or who don’t have any knowledge of the Dutch language are advised to do the Beginner basic course.

For the Intermediate course (A1>A2) you must have finished a Beginner course at A1. The focus of the intermediate course (A1>A2) is on improving vocabulary, accent and intonation, spelling and sentence structure.

The Conversation Course is for people who want to become more fluent in Dutch and who have reached A2 level in a previous course. Goals are to improve your pronunciation, to expand your vocabulary and to improve your grammar knowledge.

For the Advanced course (A2>B1) you must have finished a Beginner plus or Intermediate course at A2.

For the Advanced course (B1>B2) you must have finished a course at B1.