Multi-faceted legal expertise in the Amsterdam Area

Pellicaan Attorneys & Advisors has your interests covered. From helping you navigate your recent merger with a Dutch company to starting your own company in the Netherlands. From practical advice about immigration law to avoiding litigation. And so much more.

After all, Dutch immigration law is a complex maze of rules and regulations. Will your employee need a permit to work in the Netherlands? Will they need a residence permit on top of that? Let Pellicaan advise you about what your would-be expat employee needs to do to obtain permission to both live and work in the Netherlands.

Our expert staff have years of experience in navigating the various Dutch residence and entry procedures for international workers – no matter if they are self-employed, a highly skilled migrant or an intra-corporate transferee, or if they are a manager, artist, IT professional or dentist. Pellicaan can assist you and your employee in getting the permit that best suits your needs, quickly and efficiently.

Pellicaan is a full-service law firm and, due to its multi-faceted legal expertise and its alliance with Mazars, it can provide counsel on all aspects involving immigration, employment, pensions and taxes. All tailored to your situation and needs.