A great place to grow

Hestia is an authority in the field of bilingual day care. Two of their three locations are bilingual, with (near) native Dutch- and English-speaking teachers in the groups, enabling children to learn both languages. Many of their clients are expat families from all over the world.

The centre offers bilingual day- and after-school care to children aged 0-13. Hestia has locations in Amsterdam and Amstelveen. The buildings have light, open group spaces, an art studio, large outdoor spaces for the children to play and explore, and a hot meal cooked daily for and with the children. Art, culture and nature are core items in their Reggio Emilia approach.

What customers say

"We are so happy to have our daughter at Hestia. The building is full of natural light: a warm space for interaction and exploration… I value the child-centric Reggio Emilia approach and bilingual education. At Hestia, my daughter is having lots of fun while developing self-confidence and independence.”

- E.J.

" We have been noticing more independence, a sense of responsibility, more creativity and a lot more new and positive changes in him right since his first day at Hestia. So big thanks to you for being there for our kids!”

- V. & S. A.

"I really appreciate the patience of my son's teacher. And it's really wonderful to receive an email each day to see what happens in school. I will keep introducing my friends in Amstelveen to Hestia.”

- U.X.