Assistance for returning to work

Every Mother Knows offers dedicated services (one-to-one coaching, events, CV writing and more) to help women navigate the Dutch job market and land a job in the Netherlands. 

Special offers for while we're all social distancing

Relaunch your career during the coronavirus lockdown

Are you a mum? Were you thinking of returning to work after a parental break and now your goals are on hold due to the current lockdown? Use this time to prepare for the next step in your career. Angela Fusaro from Every Mother Knows is offering 6 private career coaching sessions (online) for those mums who want to return to work after a career break. The sessions will help you:

  • Identify your strengths, professional interests and transferable skills;

  • Get familiar with the local job market and how to find the right jobs for you;

  • Refresh your CV and LinkedIn profile for your desired roles;

  • Craft compelling cover letters and start applying for jobs;

  • Learn tips and strategies to ace your next interview;

The first session is for free. To learn more contact Angela at [email protected] or visit