Open Amsterdam – Amsterdam Strategy for International Talent

Open Amsterdam is a strategy aiming to enable businesses to attract international talent to the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and to retain it by making Amsterdam an even more appealing city.

All about Open Amsterdam

Open Amsterdam: The three themes of the strategy

Aerial photo Centraal Station and centre Amsterdam Peter Elenbaas
Discover the three themes of Open Amsterdam's action plan to improve the city for internationals and businesses.

Open Amsterdam: What it means to internationals

Find out how Open Amsterdam helps make the Amsterdam Area a more attractive place to live and work for businesses and internationals.

Theme one: Education

Open Amsterdam is improving access to the school system and making Amsterdam a more attractive higher education for internationals.

Theme two: Work

Open Amsterdam is creating the perfect environment for employees, employers and businesses to thrive in the Amsterdam Area.

Theme three: Quality of life

Open Amsterdam supports incoming international talent so they can settle in and feel at home quickly and easily when moving to the Amsterdam Area.