Els Bosma has stepped into the role of director of the Expatcenter Amsterdam. With extensive experience in leadership roles in Amsterdam and abroad, Bosma brings knowledge and expertise that will be immensely valuable to the Expatcenter and Amsterdam’s international community.  

"Amsterdam is one of the most attractive world cities in which to live, work and play. And right now, we’re witnessing a fascinating shift regarding the attitudes of major international companies: they’re setting up where talent lives, whereas it used to be that talent would settle wherever big companies were”, Bosma says. “By being an ideal base for talent, Amsterdam and the surrounding region create a superb environment for more international companies to establish their European headquarters. That, in turn, creates new opportunities and a thriving working environment for the people of Amsterdam, whatever their nationality. Business and talent are the winners."

Bosma’s previous experience includes her role in leading the open access programme for the Science, Technology and Medicine Journal division at Elsevier. Before moving into publishing she was a United Nations (FAO) Field Officer.