Expatcenter Amsterdam scores positively

The research was carried out amongst three segments: corporate clients, intermediaries and expats. In total over 5,000 clients were contacted and 324 individuals responded – allowing for a statistically significant representation. 

Across all three segments positive scores were attributed for feeling welcome, professionalism, expertise, reliability and customer orientation. Points to improve upon included flexibility, proactivity and involvement. Corporate clients and intermediaries ranked their overall satisfaction with the Expatcenter at 8.0, and expats at 8.4.

More specifically, the Expatcenter’s HR and corporate clients rated the 'Quality of Service' at 8.0 and were extremely satisfied with the Expatcenter’s accessibility, location and reception (8.8, 8.7, and 8.6 respectively). Expats visiting the Expatcenter rated the overall 'Quality of Service' at 8.4 and found the Expatcenter to be professional (8.5), knowledgeable (8.2) and customer-oriented (8.2).

Working to improve

The research also highlighted two particular areas where Expatcenter clients were less satisfied. Both the IND’s new Modern Migration Policy (MoMi) and the Expatcenter’s introduction of services fees received scores lower than the average. HR managers, corporate clients and intermediaries alike expressed dissatisfaction with MoMi, many asked for the 'streamlining' of MoMi and the possibility of more direct contact with the IND. Service fees for the Expatcenter were introduced in April of this year, and not surprisingly corporate clients and intermediaries expressed some resistance to this change stating that the fees were “high”, “expensive” and, in some cases, “unreasonable”.

The research also shed light on the future demand for the Expatcenter’s services relating to the number of expatriates expected in Amsterdam. Fifty percent of respondents expect the number of international employees at their companies to increase in 2014 and forty-five percent expect the number to at least remain constant.

Helping expats settle in

Not surprisingly the number one request for further information and service from the Expatcenter was on the topic of housing, followed by healthcare and insurances. Both corporate clients and expats expressed the desire for additional contact and information via newsletters and the website. Expats, in particular, expressed the wish for the expansion of the Expatcenter’s services to include assistance with finding housing and the hosting of additional seminars, training and events.

Within the next few weeks the Expatcenter plans to draft several concrete action points relating to the specific results of the research report.