The reason for the partnership is that the two adjacent municipalities share a vision on the provision of services to expats. For the size of its population, Diemen is a major centre of employment, with 17,000 employees working at 2,500 different companies. They include dozens of national (and in some cases international) head offices as well as internationally oriented small and medium-sized enterprises, which employ foreign workers either permanently or temporarily.

At present, each knowledge migrant who moves to Diemen first has to obtain a residence permit from the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) before they can make an appointment to register as a resident. The new agreement makes this unnecessary. The partnership with the City of Amsterdam offers not only advantages of customer service and efficiency, but also insight into the number of expats moving to Diemen.

Jeroen Klaasse: “Thanks to large housing developments such as Holland Park, and Diemen’s easy accessibility, the municipality can increase its appeal to foreign knowledge migrants and the employees of international companies. The Expatcenter is an important element in Diemen’s endeavours to offer expats a warm welcome and ensure they are able to take up residence rapidly.”

The Expatcenter Amsterdam is a partnership between the tax office, Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) and the City of Amsterdam and a number of other municipalities within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. The Expatcenter’s aim is to make the registration procedure easier for both EU and non-EU expats who are moving to work in the Amsterdam area with a valid employment contract. The Expatcenter is part of the City of Amsterdam’s Department of Economic Affairs.