The City of Amsterdam looks out for British residents

The outcome of the British referendum held in June 2016 raised concerns among the 16,000 British citizens currently living in the Amsterdam Area. Many of these issues were raised by members of Amsterdam’s British community during a public meeting on 18 July 2016, in which Mayor Van der Laan expressed his intention for Amsterdam to remain an open, international city.

In light of this meeting, policymakers and civil servants from the City of Amsterdam and IN Amsterdam requested a report to investigate how the EU-UK negotiations should be approached in order to best protect the rights of Britons in Amsterdam. The research, conducted by Annette Schrauwen, Tesseltje de Lange and Jan Kraak of the University of Amsterdam, primarily addresses residency rights via an in-depth analysis of existing laws and agreements between the EU and other countries, as well as reports, fact sheets and factual data provided by the City of Amsterdam. 

Suggestions and conclusions from the report

The report, written in Dutch, and a summary of its recommendations in English can be found on the University of Amsterdam's websiteThe study addresses ways in which Amsterdam can remain a city that supports its diverse international community, including British citizens. Some of the report’s suggestions are made in relation to the possible results of the EU-UK negotiations, while others relate to choices that can be made if residency rights are not guaranteed for British citizens in Amsterdam. For example, one chapter is dedicated to the rights of British students in Amsterdam, while another assesses which actions could be taken to maintain residency rights under national law. 

Download Mayor Van der Laan's letter to British Amsterdammers (pdf).