Guaranteed service quality

In 2013 the Expatcenter Amsterdam celebrates its fifth anniversary. The formation of the Expatcenter Amsterdam has proved to be a great success and we are delighted that we have been able to assist such a large number of highly skilled migrants upon their arrival in the Netherlands.

Each year the number of highly skilled migrants and companies using our services has increased by more than 10%. As such, it has been decided by the Steering Committee of the Expatcenter Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and the Mayor & College of Alderpersons of the City of Amsterdam that to accommodate the growth in demand for our services and to maintain our high service quality, we will need to charge a fee for these services.

Which services will be charged for?

Services which are in addition to those of the IND and the Municipal Personal Records Database will be charged for in the future. The application fees for the standard permit provision by the IND will remain consistent and the registration for the Municipal Personal Records Database at Amsterdam City Hall will continue to be free of charge.  

New service fees

The introduction of service fees will come into effect on 1 April 2013. Costs will vary per client, for example, 50 euros for single procedures for EU citizens, up to 210 euros for combined procedures for non-EU citizens (all costs exclude VAT). Further details and prices can be found on the Expatcenter fees overview page.

Reasons to choose Expatcenter Amsterdam

The Expatcenter Amsterdam is a service point where highly skilled migrants can arrange all of their formal affairs in one place upon arrival in the Netherlands, instead of having to separately communicate with individual authorities. The services carried out by us entail a substantial reduction of the administrative burden for employers and highly skilled migrants entering the Netherlands. This is possible via day-to-day contact with (inter)national companies, intermediaries and individual highly skilled migrants to make visiting appointments, the preparation and coordination of the services for the IND and Municipal Personal Records Database, and also the receiving of clients at the Expatcenter Amsterdam.

All staff working at Expatcenter Amsterdam are dedicated to providing efficient government services, ensuring that the needs of individual highly skilled migrants, intermediaries and (inter)national companies and their employees or customers are met.


Two different methods of payment will apply depending on the type of client. Direct payment by debit card or credit card will apply to individual highly skilled migrants and (inter)national companies or intermediaries  that make limited use of Expatcenter Amsterdam’s services. (Inter)national companies or intermediaries that make extensive use of our services will be offered a quarterly invoice, covering all services received by its employees or customers.


Scientific researchers will be excluded from payment for our primary services. This is exception is related to Dutch statutory law (guideline scientific researcher 2005/71/EC).

It should also be noted that the new service fees do not affect any applicants who initially started using our services before 1 April 2013 and whose procedure has not yet been finalised.

For the purpose of increasing the investment climate of the City of Amsterdam, new businesses will be excluded from payment for our services during the first year of residence in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area or for the first 10 employees receiving our services.

Do you require further assistance?

If you have any questions or concerns about the introduction of our service fees, please contact Sietske van Tuin or Rita Molenkamp-Szucs by email or telephone at +31 (0)20 254 7999.