Amsterdam’s Indian community gains a new service

The Indian community is the fastest-growing international business community in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, approximately totalling more than 6,000 Indian expats. Combined with a large base of immigrants of Indian origins, it’s of little surprise that Indian expats can easily feel at home in the region. To further aid their process of settling in to the region, on 1 July 2014 the Amstelland Hospital opened the new digital India Desk to assist Indian expats with medical questions and provide advice about the culture, rules and regulations in Dutch healthcare.

Healthcare advice

It’s never fun to be ill, and being in a country where you’re unacquainted with local healthcare options and intricacies does not make it any more pleasant. The India desk will direct expats with health complaints to the relevant departments and specialists, and it will also help patients to navigate the Dutch healthcare system in general.

Expat services

The India Desk is a collaborative initiative by amsterdam inbusiness and the Amstelland Hospital. It follows the similar Japan Desk initiative, which has generated much interest and proven very successful in the years of its existence. 

The India Desk’s service staff can be contacted at, and the website already includes plenty of helpful information in the FAQs.