Five years of growth

The Expatcenter Amsterdam was established as a pilot project in 2008. For many international businesses in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area at that time – and their international employees – the procedures in place in order to come work in the Netherlands were a source of frustration. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the municipalities of Amsterdam and Amstelveen and the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND), a procedure was developed that considerably eased these frustrations. Prior to the arrival of a highly skilled migrant from abroad, employers can already set the application for their residence permit in motion. Upon arrival in the Netherlands, the highly skilled migrant can visit the Expatcenter to complete their registration with the participating municipalities and the IND.  

In 2010 this partnership was expanded to include the municipalities of Haarlemmermeer and Almere. The Tax Office (Belastingdienst) became affiliated in 2011, allowing the Expatcenter to faciliate applications for the 30% tax ruling. Since then, the municipalities of Hilversum and Velsen have also come on board.

Valued service

Over the past five years the number of registrations via the Expatcenter has increased by more than 10% per year. During 2013, over 6,500 internationals and some 800 companies made use of the Expatcenter’s services. The Expatcenter’s English-language website offers expats essential information about living and working in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Since launching, the website attracts over 60,000 unique visitors per month, clearly demonstrating and serving the needs of expats.