Connecting investors to innovative startups

Expatcenter Amsterdam, StartupAmsterdam and amsterdam inbusiness are joining forces to ensure high net worth investors (HNWI) interested in the permit will receive thorough and clear guidance. Since Amsterdam is the startup capital of western Europe, the City wishes to connect these investors to its many innovative startups and scale-ups. The adjustments should allow more people to become eligible for the foreign investors scheme, as some of the formerly deterring requirements are no longer necessary. To obtain a permit, a HNWI must invest at least 1.25 million euros directly in an innovative Dutch company, a seed fund recognised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, a venture capital fund or a contractual joint venture that invests in a company in the Netherlands. In return, HNWIs will receive residence permits for the duration of three years for themselves and their families, as well as access to work and education.

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