New scheme for start-ups

The start-up permit is part of a new national employment scheme that was implemented on 1 January 2015, making it possible for international entrepreneurs to apply for a temporary residence permit for the Netherlands. The so-called residence permit ‘scheme for start-ups’ affords these ambitious entrepreneurs one year to launch and develop an innovative business in the Netherlands. A prerequisite is that their start-up must be guided by an experienced mentor based in the Netherlands.

A winning business idea

New Zealand-born Finn Hansen has been awarded a permit to further develop his start-up Med Canvas from Amsterdam. Med Canvas develops tools for collecting medical information: an intuitive dashboard presents the most relevant and important patient data, making information retrieval for doctors and other medical professionals easier and more straightforward.

Encouraging entrepreneurial spirit

The Netherlands has traditionally been a country that welcomes entrepreneurial spirits. After centuries of enterprise and ingenuity, the combination of innovation, trade and entrepreneurship remains a driving force within the nation’s economy and is a key source of economic renewal and job creation. As such, it is recognised that entrepreneurs stimulate economic growth. Under the scheme for start-ups, new international start-ups launching in the Netherlands will be offered the necessary support to develop into a mature enterprise.

About the Expatcenter

The Expatcenter Amsterdam was launched in 2008 to meet the needs of international companies and their highly skilled migrant employees, streamlining procedures and offering dedicated immigration services. In 2014, the Expatcenter helped more than 8,000 highly skilled migrants and 800 companies in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (which also includes the cities of Almere, Amstelveen, Haarlemmermeer, Hilversum and Velsen). The Expatcenter also collaborates with various partners to provide additional services, such as advice about housing, language classes, taxes, insurance, healthcare and education, helping international employees relocating to the Netherlands to feel welcome and creating a friendly climate for international companies and their employees.