Expatcenter's target group expanded

Research institutions wishing to bring reseachers to the Netherlands, within the context of the directive 2005/71/EC, can now do so using the Expatcenter and its procedures. In order to take advantage of the Expatcenter's services, the scientific researcher or the research institution must be based in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Almere or Haarlemmermeer. Institutions must also be granted a recognized status in advance in accordance with the directive 2005/71/EC. For more information on the content of this directive or on the specific conditions please consult the IND's article on this matter.

The application procedure for researchers is comparable to the normal Expatcenter procedure for highly skilled migrants. For general information on the Expatcenter procedures see the article How to Apply. Some advantages of the Expatcenter procedure are, less administrative work, completion of the application in four weeks or less, obtaining a residence permit and municipal registration in just one visit and receiving a BSN number directly at the Expatcenter appointment. A new set of Expatcenter application forms has been added to the website of the IND ( applications for scientific researchers are at the bottom of the page).