Simplifying procedures

The Expatcenter’s sixth birthday celebrations coincided with the 30,000th highly skilled migrant client using our services – specifically, a new arrival from the UK arriving in Amsterdam to work at (pictured above). Over the past six years, more than 800 companies have utilised our services to process residence permits and to aid the registration of foreign employees. All in, we help approximately 500 expats per month, including many from the likes of India, the United States and the UK.

A focus on high quality service

The increase in clients during the past six years has been matched by many service improvements. Notably, our services have expanded to more regions, with the Expatcenter now servicing the municipalities of Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Haarlemmermeer, Almere, Velsen and Hilversum. Other major service improvements include simplified procedures for migrants and scientific researchers, new registration procedures for short stay migrants, the introduction of biometric scanning technology to improve security and strengthened partnerships with the Dutch Tax Office (Belastingdienst) and IND.

More than just help with paperwork

In March 2014, Mayor of Amsterdam Eberhard van der Laan and State Secretary Fred Teeven signed an agreement to further extend the successful collaboration with the Expatcenter Amsterdam. This acknowledged that as well as helping highly skilled migrants with immigration procedures, the Expatcenter's collaboration with I amsterdam offers expats essential information about living, studying and working in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Additionally, the Expatcenter hosts regular mini-events covering diverse topics, such as ‘Learning Dutch’, ‘Filing your Taxes’ and ‘Legal matters’, connecting expats with relevant partners in the region, as well as providing ample opportunity for them to mingle, network and socialise.