International companies on board

The first of its kind in the Netherlands, the Expatcenter was created to better meet the needs of international companies and their expatriate employees. Over 300 companies now make use of the Expatcenter’s procedures. 

In a recent survey, participating companies gave the new service and procedures a rating of 7.7/10, a definite improvement from the 5/10 rating of the former situation.

A city connected

In January 2009, the Expatcenter along with the City of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Partners, Amsterdam Tourism & Convention Board, Amsterdams Uitburo, and amsterdam inbusiness launched the portal site to create what is today the most comprehensive international website on Amsterdam. The portal site is now visited by over 250,000 readers each month, with the Expatcenter’s site (the “Living” section) reaching over 18,000 visitors this May.

Forming partnerships

On 1 June 2009 the Expatcenter officially launched a pilot partnership project with companies in the private sector who offer specific services for expats. The partnership now allows the Expatcenter to direct expats to partners in the private sector on matters such as legal advice, tax issues, banking insurance, international schools, childcare, and employment. Read more about the Partnership Program.

Winning design

This May, Fabrique, the design agency that developed the visual identity of the Expatcenter, won the silver European Design Award for the Expatcenter's design. 

Fabrique was recognised for successfully translating the principles of the Expatcenter - hospitality and diversity - into the visual brand and style. 

Fabrique also won the bronze European Design Award for the overall design of

In their own words

Over the past year, hundreds of newly-arrived expats have passed through the doors of the Expatcenter. Many have shared their reactions and opinions on the Expatcenter and its procedures. 

  • “It was easy and painless, that’s good!”

  • Great service, maybe the best in the Netherlands!”

  • “Excellent service. I felt overwhelmed to start with but really appreciate having a one stop shop to deal with all the administrative requirements of living & working in the Netherlands."

  • '"Very good customer focus. The best experience in all countries I have registered."

  • "Things move pretty fast!! Nice experience overall."

  • "It’s been a wonderful experience. We are grateful for the warm welcome we have been given."

  • "This was a much more pleasant experience than other residency permits I have dealt with."

  • "Wonderful. Much much better than the last country I worked in!"