Helping expats

In 2015, the Expatcenter helped more than 10,492 clients from over 900 companies settle in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area; this represents a growth of 26% since 2014. Since its inception, more than 45,000 clients have been helped at the Expatcenter.

Great business climate

These highly positive number are closely related to the Amsterdam Area’s success as a business location. The increase in the Expatcenter’s clients is a result of firstly, growth at companies that are already working with the Expatcenter, and secondly, companies newly established in the Amsterdam Area. The latter number is constantly increasing: in 2015, a record number of 140 new international companies established offices in the Amsterdam Area and more than 6,000 new jobs were created through new branches and business expansion.

Happy customers

The majority of the highly skilled migrants that the Expatcenter has helped in 2015 are from India, the US and the UK. Among the companies, Tata Consultancy Services is the biggest of the Expatcenter’s clients, followed by Infosys, and Nike. A result the Expatcenter is particularly proud of, especially in the light of the growing client numbers, is that customer satisfaction remains at a high score of 8.6.

Below, find the most significant 2015 numbers at a glance.

  • 10,492 customers were helped to settle in the Amsterdam Area in 2015
  • of these, 66% came from outside the EU and 34% from within the EU
  • this represents a growth of 26% since 2014
  • more than 900 companies worked with the Expatcenter
  • the Expatcenter issued 9,911 BSN numbers, of which 74% were for Amsterdam and 11% for Amstelveen
  • it issued 6,120 residence permits; in 74% of the cases, the process included acquiring an MVV
  • since its inception in 2008, the Expatcenter has helped more than 45,000 customers