About the Expatcenter customer survey 2015

The survey was carried out by Customeyes in autumn 2015. Its respondents are part of one of three of the distinct client groups that make use of the Expatcenter’s services: corporate clients, intermediaries and highly skilled migrants. In total, more than 4,000 subjects were contacted, with 361 individual respondents participating, which allows for a statistically significant representation.

Notable results

The most notable result was the overall score for ‘general satisfaction’, ranking the Expatcenter and its services at 8.6. Furthermore, the ‘quality of services provided’ was rated at 8.5, an increase from the 2013 rating of 8.3 and the 5.0 rating given to the former procedure predating the Expatcenter. Across all three segments, positive scores were attributed for being made to feel welcome, professionalism, expertise, reliability and responsiveness. Points to improve upon included proactivity and community involvement.

Friendly and professional

Overall, respondents were satisfied with the location and accessibility of the Expatcenter (8.6), their contact (8.6) and the communication (8.1). In the open-ended questions the Expatcenter was consistently described as ‘friendly’, ‘helpful’,  ‘professional’ and ‘efficient’. When asked if the Expatcenter met their expectations, respondents weighed in with a score of 8.2.

Future plans

Not surprisingly, the number-one request for further information from the Expatcenter by highly skilled migrants was on the topic of language learning, followed by healthcare and tax administration. The research also shed light on future demand for the Expatcenter’s services, as the vast majority of corporate clients and intermediaries expect to continue working with the Expatcenter over the next few years. Furthermore, 65.3% predict an increase in the number of international employees in 2016. These figures reflect a strong growth trend, as witnessed by the Expatcenter’s growth of 26% in 2015. Over the next few weeks, the Expatcenter plans to draft several concrete action points relating to the specific results of the report, with a focus on maintaining its high level of service in the wake of its continued growth.