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Firstly, we would like to again thank all our clients and partners for their patience and understanding during the temporary closure of the Expatcenter Amsterdam due to water damage last month.

Introduction of new Expatcenter services from 1 July 2015

The Expatcenter is very happy to introduce new services for recent graduates, highly skilled migrants and scientific researchers.

Orientation year
Graduates and academics who have successfully applied for an ‘orientation year’ residence permit, which allows graduates to work and search for employment in the Netherlands for up to a year, will be able to collect their residence permits at the Expatcenter Amsterdam directly. The Expatcenter grants bachelors’ and masters’ graduates an exemption from paying a fees for use of this Expatcenter service. Click here for the updated IND application form.

Residence permit extensions
In addition, highly skilled migrants and scientific researchers that have applied for an extension of their residence permit at the IND will now be able to collect their residence permit extension at the Expatcenter Amsterdam. Up until recently it was only possible to collect permits that were awarded for the first time. Click here for the updated IND application form highly skilled migrant. And clickhere for the updated form scientific researcher.

For an updated overview of the Expatcenter service fees, click here.

Registration requirement – new policy

Please note that there has been a change in policy regarding registration of address with the municipality. Fines can now be imposed for failure to register at the correct address, to notify the municipality of a change of address on time and to present all relevant documents. Being registered properly is not only important for you, but also for all other residents of Amsterdam – the government can only serve you well if it has accurate information about you.

Everyone living in or moving to Amsterdam is required to register their address in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP). It’s also very important to be registered at the actual and correct address of residence. Furthermore, any relevant birth, marriage or death certificates and other required documentation must be presented to the municipality upon registering for the first time. For more information, please see

The Expatcenter’s online appointment tool is coming up!

We are currently running a pilot of our new online appointment tool. The results are positive, and we expect to implement the tool for all corporate clients of the Expatcenter later this summer.

With the appointment tool, our corporate clients can book appointments directly online, instead of filling in forms and then making an appointment on the phone. The tool can also be used outside of our opening hours. Clients will be provided with a personal log-in code, eliminating the requirement of having to provide general information repeatedly. Please note that the tool can only be used for appointments for municipal registration and RNI (short stay) registration.

The Dutch government values international talent and praises the service provisions of official Expatcenters

In a statement about a government report about labour migration, the Cabinet of the Netherlands has confirmed the value it attaches to highly skilled migrants for the open and strongly internationally oriented Dutch economy. It stressed the important contribution they make to the competitiveness and potential for innovation of companies. The Cabinet has stated its intent to facilitate companies’ endeavours to attract the talent they require. Changes to current regulations are expected to be outlined shortly; these include extending the ‘orientation year’ regulation; making the rules regarding hiring highly skilled migrants on a project basis more flexible; and differentiation of fees to register as a recognised sponsor.

In the statement, the Cabinet also stressed the important role that official Expatcenters play in making the Netherlands accessible to highly skilled migrants and in creating a welcoming business climate for companies settling in the country.

Confidence in the Netherlands as a business location at all-time high

The EY European attractiveness survey 2015 into direct foreign investment and the attractiveness of the Netherlands as a business location has shown that confidence in the Dutch business climate is at an all-time high. In 2014, European countries attracted a record number of foreign investment projects, increasing by almost 10% from 2013 figures to total 4,341. The UK attracted the most projects. Although foreign investment projects in the Netherlands decreased marginally by 7%, the nation still takes up a favourable position in the European rankings, placing sixth.

Travel information to the Expatcenter

Please be aware that there might be longer travel times this summer for those travelling to the Expatcenter Amsterdam by public transport, due to works at Station Zuid. The North-South-Line-related works will take place from 28 June to 15 Augustus; in this period, the metro line 50 only travels between Isolatorweg and Station Zuid, while line 51 is closed entirely. There is normal service on Metro 53 and 54.

Click here for details of how to reach us and here for more information on the disruptions (in Dutch).

Summer of Amsterdam

We firmly believe that connecting internationals with the cultural scene in Amsterdam helps them to feel at home faster. And in the Amsterdam summer, culture means festival season! Hosting more than 300 festivals every year, Amsterdam boasts a festival agenda that spans all tastes and genres, and summer is the best time for indulging in all that Amsterdam’s festivals have to offer. The range of festivals is broad, powerful and diverse, attracting both Dutch and international festivalgoers. For Amsterdam’s summer festival agenda, please see Feel free to share this tip with your employees, clients or colleagues – after all, there’s more to life than work!

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