Expatcenter expansion

Summer 2014 was an extremely busy period for the Expatcenter. In order to accommodate the increased demand for appointments and Expatcenter services, our opening hours were extended and plans for a structural expansion were put in place.

We are happy to announce that these plans have now been implemented and the Expatcenter’s capacity has been significantly improved. The restructuring of the available space means four instead of three appointments for registration can now take place simultaneously: an increase of 60 appointments per week. We are confident that additional IND staff will also be available before the summer, as well as a second biometric device. Furthermore, we are working on an online tool to simplify the appointment procedure for regular customers.

Immigration procedure: tuberculosis screenings update

The Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD Amsterdam) has announced an update regarding the obligation for some immigrants to undergo tuberculosis screenings upon arrival in the Netherlands.

In some situations, a tuberculosis examination may be required in order to complete immigration procedures, depending on the country of origin. A residence permit is granted under the express condition that the immigrant will actually undergo a TB test within three months. Should it become clear after the issue of a residence permit that - despite signing the declaration of intent - the immigrant failed to undergo a TB test within the period of three months, this may result in a cancellation of the permit that was granted.The list of countries whose nationals are not required to undergo tuberculosis screening upon immigration has now changed; read on for more information and the complete list of countries whose nationals are exempt.

Highly skilled migrants who are referred by the Expatcenter can schedule an appointment for a consultation at the GGD Amsterdam. The GGD tuberculosis examination is free of charge.

New website on studying and education in Amsterdam

The I amsterdam portal is now home to a new website offering extensive information for prospective students and others interested in studying and education in Amsterdam. It includes information on Amsterdam’s higher education institutions, grants and scholarships, student accommodation, the student community, work placement and traineeships and a wide range of other topics. The site is also interesting for families, offering information about the Dutch education system and international schools in Amsterdam.

Additional closing dates Expatcenter

27 April – King’s Day                                 
1 May – Labour Day
5 May – Liberation Day
14 May – Ascension Day
15 May– Expatcenter is open, but no IND staff will be available
25 May – Whit Monday


King’s Day – 27 April 2015
King’s Day – the Dutch national holiday in honour of King Willem-Alexander’s birthday – is fast approaching! King’s Day is a very special event that is unique to Dutch culture and is an especially exciting experience for those new to the country. It is a good idea to inform new arrivals of what to expect, as the celebrations and the nationwide street party and markets may result in significant disruptions to everyday life. For all practical and official information about the day itself, an event guide and information on family-friendly events and markets, please refer to the King’s Day pages on the I amsterdam portal.

Expatica International Job Fair – 30 mei 2015
The fourth edition of Expatica’s International Job Fair comes to Amsterdam on Saturday, 30 May 2015. The fair is a great opportunity for businesses to meet hundreds of international job seekers, showcase their organisation, promote vacancies and, of course, recruit new employees ¬– interesting candidates can even be interviewed on the spot.

The fair is attended by large numbers of potential employees who are highly qualified and typically multilingual. During previous fairs there were more than 2,000 visitors representing over 120 nationalities – 52% of which held a master’s degree and 34% a bachelor’s degree. The top industries in which visitors were employed and/or were looking for vacancies were marketing, finance, tech, hospitality & tourism, media & publishing, life sciences & health and the creative industry.

Click here for more information and to find out how to register to become an exhibitor.

The Expatcenter and We Are Public create cultural connections
The Expatcenter has teamed up with Amsterdam cultural platform We Are Public to introduce expats in the city to the very best in music, theatre, film and art. We firmly believe that connecting internationals with the cultural scene in Amsterdam helps them to feel at home faster. As such, expats can sign up for a free two-month trial membership of the We Are Public initiative, not only informing them what’s on but providing free (or discounted) entry to highlighted events.

Please share this news with your employees, clients or colleagues. They can sign up for the free trial on our website.

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