The Expatcenter

The Expatcenter opened in June 2008 and was one of the first schemes of its kind in the Netherlands to cut the red tape for internationals and assist in the process of settling in. After a busy two years, the Expatcenter still has its sights set on expanding services and building bridges for Amsterdam’s international community.

A recipe for success

The Expatcenter’s appeal is clear. Employers can use its service to initiate the application procedure for a residence permit before the new employee has even arrived in the Netherlands. Once here, that just leaves the expat a single trip to the Expatcenter to pick up a residence card and finalise the registration process.

As of this year, companies based in Almere and Haarlemmermeer can make use of the Expatcenter’s services for their highly skilled migrants. They join existing member municipalities Amsterdam and Amstelveen. The new co-operation marks an important step in the Expatcenter’s role as a regional office, serving the needs of international companies in the greater Amsterdam area.

The Expatcenter’s numbers speak for themselves: over 800 international companies and their expat employees now make use of the center’s procedures for hiring highly skilled migrants.

Over 400 new expats visit the Expatcenter each month to process their paper work ; clear signs of a healthy influx.

Digital pursuits

The Expatcenter, along with its partners from the I amsterdam portal site,, continue to expand their digital offerings for Amsterdam’s international community. The Expatcenter’s website offers a wealth of news, features and useful information for expats.

Furthermore, with pages on the popular social media networks Facebook and Twitter, as well as a newly developed mobile city guide, I amsterdam and the Expatcenter are no more than a few clicks away!

With open arms

This June, the Expatcenter along with Amsterdam Partners once again hosted the annual Expat Welcome EventThe event welcomed incoming expatriates working in the Amsterdam area. As acting Mayor Lodewijk Asscher noted, Amsterdam is home to 177 different nationalities, an estimated 90,000 of which make up the international expat community.

Both a meet-and-greet session and networking opportunity, the Expat Welcome Event was pleased to host over 200 expats and their partners.

Future endeavours

The Expatcenter has many plans to further extend its services, including expanding and enhancing content on the current website and informational brochures and booklets. With firm partnerships in place and a strong external network, the Expatcenter has the tools in place to make an expat’s first few months a little smoother. For, as they say, the most difficult step of any journey is the first. Welcome to Amsterdam!