International recognition for Expatcenter and amsterdam inbusiness

The fDi Strategy Awards, announced by Financial Times’ foreign direct investment data hub, toolkit and information centre on 12 December 2016, examined the work of 124 investment promotion agencies (IPAs) around the world between December 2015 and December 2016. IPAs that have demonstrated excellence in promoting and retaining foreign direct investment in their respective cities received awards in categories such as expatriate support, performance management, digital community engagement and more.

Amsterdam received an award in the Expat Support category for the extensive and valuable services of the Expatcenter. The Expatcenter is a one-stop shop for international employees and families, as well as international entrepreneurs. The Expatcenter assists companies with the relocation of their employees, including help with residence visas, work permits and citizen registration. It acts as a central point of contact and general support system for those moving as an international employee or starting a business in the city.

Open mind, sharp business

Amsterdam inbusiness also received a special nod for its support of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as well as an award for its creative marketing slogan: 'Open mind, sharp business'. In addition, amsterdam inbusiness also made the cut for the Return on Personnel Investment Ranking, placing eighth out of the 124 locations.

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