Top ten

1. High quality of life - Amsterdam enjoys one of the lowest costs of living for a European capital. With its historic city centre, strong work/life balance, competitive business benefits and cultural diversity, it has many reasons to boast. Ranked number three in the OECD work/life balance study, and in the top tier of the EIU Liveable Cities list, the Dutch have this one figured out.

2. Small village feeling - Amsterdam is easy to get around and easy to explore. At only 219 km2 and with a propensity towards ‘vertical living’ everything is accessible within a short timeframe due to this compact urban-village feeling.

3. Job opportunities - The Netherlands is one of the most competitive business locations in the EU, and, combined with a host of networking opportunities, numerous European headquarters and a large variety of industries calling Amsterdam home, you can understand why job opportunities keep opening up for expatriates.

4. Less red tape - The Expatcenter works in partnership with government, enabling highly skilled migrants and their families to receive their residence permits, work visas or the 30% tax ruling quickly and efficiently.

5. Easy commuting - With 2.5 bikes per person in the Netherlands, it’s no surprise that getting around the city by bicycle is everyone’s preferred mode of transport. With dedicated cycle lanes and road rules designed to protect cyclists, it is simple to get anywhere in the city. And if it’s not a day for cycling then the public transport system is an efficient back up.

6. English as business language - If you can’t quite get the guttural ‘g’ sound right and you’ve never been able to roll your ‘r’s then don’t worry, most Amsterdammers can and will speak English, plus the business language in most international companies is English. However, learning the local language will always open more doors, so enrolling in a Dutch language course is a good way to integrate.

7. Quality international schools - There are numerous quality international schools in the Amsterdam Area following various international curriculums; making it a great place to raise a family.

8. Cultural capital - Amsterdam boasts so many unique cultural experiences - everything from world renowned museums to canal side concerts and large outdoor festivals, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

9. Gateway to Europe - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has been voted one of the best airports in the world on numerous occasions. And with it being so easy to access with fantastic rail and road links, the rest of Europe is practically at the end of the street.

10. International community - Diversity and inclusion is witnessed throughout Amsterdam, especially as the city celebrates all the major cultural festivals. With 174 different nationalities in residence you can find a huge variety of restaurants & shops and a large number of different religious centres.