The Mayor’s Brexit meeting for Amsterdam’s British community

In July 2016, Amsterdam’s British community was invited to a meeting with the former mayor to discuss concerns regarding the result of the UK’s referendum on EU secession and potential consequences of a Brexit. Find a summary of the main topics and issues discussed at the meeting here.

Following the meeting on July 2016, policy makers and civil servants from the City of Amsterdam and IN Amsterdam requested a report to investigate how the EU-UK negotiations should be approached in order to best protect the rights of Britons in Amsterdam. The research was conducted by Annette Schrauwen, Tesseltje de Lange and Jan Kraak of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). View the report (in Dutch) and a summary of its recommendations in English on the UvA's website.

Mayor Van der Laan also sent a letter to the British residents of Amsterdam expressing his wish for Amsterdam to remain an open and international city. Download the mayor’s letter (pdf).