1. Please be punctual for the IN Amsterdam appointment. 

2. Please have all the necessary paperwork for the Expat in order. 

3. Due to a lack of space at the IN Amsterdam office, please pay attention to the following:

  • If there is only one client for IN Amsterdam, the relocator will join him/her
  • If  the relocator is assisting a couple or a family, they should agree beforehand whether they wish for the relocator to sit with them individually during their appointment, or if they would prefer to sit together and have the relocator wait for them in the reception area. Either way, the decision will be given to the receptionists at the IN Amsterdam office before the appointment begins. 

4. Please do not move office furniture, such as chairs. 

5. Please bear in mind there are other appointments taking place and keep the volume of your voice to a reasonable level at all times.

6. Please do not hold meetings in the IN Amsterdam workspace which are not relative to the appointment. If impromptu conversations look like they’re going to take some time, please take them outside of our office. 

7. Please put your mobile phone on silent and kindly take/make calls outside of our office. 

8. Please do not interrupt the IN Amsterdam staff when they are dealing with/talking to another client. 

9. Please respect the IN Amsterdam staff by allowing them to do their job, and pay attention while they explain details including the appointment, the costs, the Certificate of Fitness and the information bag. 

10. If there are any discrepancies with the costs, please check this with our receptionists in a discreet manner, avoiding any stress for the Expat. 

11. If you need anything, please ask our receptionists. Please do not wander through our office unaccompanied.                 

We thank you for your cooperation.